Hand Spinner

Hand spinner – what is it?

The hand spinner is also commonly referred to as fidget spinners. A hand spinner is a small ball bearing device that fits in the palm of the hand. These devices can be rotated between the users fingers. The hand spinner is ideal for people with restless hands. A hand spinner is a multi lobbed devices that is designed to easily spin along the axis. They are typically made of plastic or metal. Basic design of the hand spinner is a two or three pronged hand spinner with a ball bearing in the center. A hand spinner has two or more weights on the outside that help it to stay balanced as well as increases the spinning speed. Various designs featuring differerent types of bearings will create different spinning effects.

The bearings for the hand spinner are often made of various materials such as ceramic or a metal, typically stainless steal or chrome. Hybrid designs do exist that are comprised of ceramic balls that have stainless steel cages and races. The different types of bearings will create different types of vibrations and noises which cause different sensory effects.


Why are hand spinner so popular?

A hand spinner is commonly used for people with restless hands. It has not been medically proven that they help children or adults suffering from ADHD or autism but the spinning motion can create a calming sense. Though the hand spinner was initially developed in 1993 as a way to ease anxiety, it became increasingly popular among school children in 2016 and 2017. Some schools were forced to put bans on spinners because rather then helping with focus, they were creating distractions.

With the popularity of the hand spinner on the rise during 2016 to 2017 the availability of them was also on the rise. Gone were the days of specialty shops and online only purchases, parents were able to purchase the hand spinner for their children from nearly any big box store, toy store, grocery store and even pharmacy. The typical cost of basic spinners ranged from five dollars to ten dollars making them easily accessible.

How to handle a hand spinner the right way

Hand Spinner design became competitive as popularity grew. Children started collecting spinners and did not want just basic spinners. Some spinners were designed in all color schemes and others were glow in the dark taking spinning to a whole new level. After glow in the dark spinners were created a new light up hand spinner was established to provide spinning fun in the dark.

Children began taking spinning to the next level. No longer was the hand spinner just for basic spinning. Kids began learning how to do hand tricks with the hand spinner. The initial use for the hand spinner was to put it between your finger and thumb, hold the rotating center and spin it. Now children are balancing it on their fingers and the palms of their hands and even feet while trying to spin it.


Does hand spinner have a medical function?

The hand spinner is gaining popularity for adults. Many adults will openly admit to tapping pens, twisting their hair, biting their nails, tapping their foot, spinning coins or key chains and other various „fidget“ activity. Adults who are trying to curb their obvious fidgets have turned to the hand spinner. With one swift motion and the ease of spinning it many adults are learning how to overcome their daily fidgets. While the hand spinner has not been medically proven to actually help with ADHD or autism it does seem to help adults focus and calm those with PTSD.

The original hand spinner was designed by Catherine Hettinger over two decades ago. While in Israel on a family visit she noticed children not making wise choices and throwing things and fidgeting. She wanted to create a sense of calm and this began the process of developing the hand spinner. She wanted to create a toy that would distract young children from doing naughty things while creating a peaceful state of mind. In 2005 the patent expired on Catherine’s original spinning product which opened the doors for other companies to produce and mass market their own hand spinner.

How is a hand spinner constructed?

Toy manufacturers are jumping on the hand spinner craze and creating various shapes other then the original two to three pronged design with a rotating central disk. Now there are traingular, circular and even specialty shapes available for purchase. Harry Potter has inspired a hand spinner called the Golden Snitch for people who enjoy potter and fidget spinners. It is based off of the golden snitch from the Quidditch games in potter. It is brass in color and spins with minimal noise. This specific spinner is pocket sized and be taken virtually anywhere.


Different types of hand spinner

The Pro glide Moon shine reflective hand spinner is a shiny hand held three pronged spinner that fits in most pockets and is said to spin no less then 2 minutes if left undistubed after the initial spin. This one is very durable for small children and holds up well when dropped. The Moon shine relfective spinner is available in red, black and blue.

The metal fidget spinner keychain spinner and bottle opener is designed with adults in mind. This is a multifunction hand spinner that spins at a high speed and can maintain a one to three minute spin. It is just over three inches in length and can be used not only as a spinner but also as a bottle opener, wrench and a key chain. Due to its length it is meant for larger sized hands and is not ideal for small children.

The fidget spinner AXLE that is designed by Destroyer brands has an open bearing design that creates less friction and allows the spinner to spin at a faster rate of speed. This spinner is made of military grade material and produced in the USA. This particular spinner may be ideal for those suffering from PTSD as it is also not a spinner that small children would enjoy using. It is extremely durable and will not shatter even if it is run over by a truck.

While these are just a few of the fidget spinners available on the market for both children and adults there are literally hundreds available for purchase that will meet anyones needs. Whether someone is seeking one for a child that needs to focus or an adult who is trying to get their fidgeting under control or sooth themselves from PTSD they will find exactly what they are searching for with a basic web search.