Fidget Spinner Tricks

Fidget Spinner Tricks

Fidget spinners and fidget spinner tricks have caught on with children and adults alike. They exploded into popularity in early 2017 and had been going ever since. There are hundreds of people showcasing their Fidget Spinner skills on youtube, and I am going to explain several today, ranging from basic fidget spinner tricks to difficult.

8 Fidget Spinner Tricks (basic to  difficult)

1. Simple Hand Transfer

The Simple Hand Transfer is one of the most basic fidget spinner tricks. You start with the fidget spinner in your dominant hand first. Hold it by the center between your thumb and your pointer finger. Start spinning the fidget spinner slowly and let it gain momentum. Bring one arm over your other arm, leaving enough room to make a good toss. Take your thumb off of the fidget spinner and at the same time, bring your index finger up and throw the fidget spinner into your other hand. The goal is to catch your spinner between your thumb and your pointer finger on the opposite hand. If this trick is executed correctly, the fidget spinner will continue to rotate after you catch it in your other hand.

2. The Finger Swap

As with many fidget spinner tricks, you begin by pinching the fidget spinner between your thumb and middle finger in the center. Get your fidget spinner rotating, and once it is rotating release it with your thumb, so it is only spinning on your middle finger. Toss it slightly up and move your hand, so you catch the spinner on your pointer finger. Toss it back and forth to repeat this trick.

3. The Change-Up

The Change-Up is a relatively simple one in the category of fidget spinner tricks. You begin this method with your fidget spinner in your non-dominant hand. Pinch your spinner between your middle finger and thumb and start rotating it. Once it has enough rotation, lightly loss it back and forth between your hands, catching it between your middle finger and your thumb each time.

4. The Hand Twist

This is a moderately difficult trick you can perform with your spinner. It requires decent hand/eye coordination because you have to spin the toy around your finger and turn it around your arm at the same time you are spinning it around your hand. You start this trick by rotating the fidget spinner with one hand and twisting your wrist towards your body at the same time. Next, point your elbow up turn your elbow counterclockwise to complete the trick.

5. Around the Back

This trick is one of the more difficult fidget spinner tricks you can attempt. Begin this trick with your fidget spinner in your dominant hand, and start spinning it until you get a good rotation going. Next, carefully throw the rotating spinner behind your back and up over your opposite shoulder, and try to catch it in the same hand that initially threw it.

6. Under the Leg

This is one of the more difficult fidget spinner tricks to get right. Start by rotating the spinner in your dominant hand, and lift whichever leg you want to start attempting this trick with. The end goal for one of these fidget spinner tricks is to toss the spinner and catch it in the same hand without it stopping rotating while going under your leg.

7. The Austrailian Bounce

To start this moderately difficult fidget spinner tricks, begin in your dominant hand and raise the leg on the same side as your dominant hand. Next, carefully let your arm down until it is below the leg you have posed in the air, and lightly throw your spinner up in the air on top of your knee. Wait for your toy to start coming back downwards, then raise your knee up to meet the spinner and gently bounce it back into your hand. You can now add this trick to your bag of fidget spinner tricks.

8. The Plasma Bounce

This trick is for an advanced fidget spinner. You have to be good at the Around the Back method that was described earlier to have success with this spinner trick. The Plasma Bounce combines the Around the Back and the Austrailian Bounce tricks into one trick. You will need to start rotating the spinner before carefully throwing it behind your back, then twist your body and raise the knee from the same side your starting hand is on and bounce the rotating spinner gently back into your hand. This is a neat trick to add to your inventory of fidget spinner tricks.