Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube started as a Kickstarter campaign in late 2016 by a pair of brothers Mark and Matthew McLachlan, who are better known as Antsy Labs. A youtube video of the product was featured in the Kickstarter campaign, and this video was viewed hundreds of thousands of time across several social media platforms. By the close of the Kickstarter campaign, the Fidget Cube had raked in over 4 million dollars, becoming one of the top ten most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.


What is a Fidget Cube?

A Fidget Cube is marketed as a toy for adults who have trouble sitting still, or people with sensory issues who need an easy way to self-soothe. This fidget cube is small enough to fit in any purse of pocket for easy transport and can sit on a desk for easy reach. It features a multitude of sensory tools on each side of the cube. An explanation of each sensory side of the cube and benefits can be found listed below:

Spin: One side of the cube features a small spinning disc. You’ll be able to use this side to keep your hands busy spinning this disc to your heart’s content.

Roller Ball: This small ball will satisfy your need to roll things around, and it has the added feature that it clicks softly when you push on it.

Worry Stone: This side is also called ‚Breathe‘ and acts like a worry stone. People can rub their finger in the indent to decrease their anxiety.

Flip: This feature is a small switch that you can flip back and forth to keep your hands preoccupied. It does not make any noise when you flip it so that you can fidget quietly.

Joystick: Video game players love this feature. You can swivel this small joystick around when you want to keep busy.

Click: The final piece of your cube is called Click, and it is five buttons that mimic the motion of repeatedly clicking a pen. Three of the buttons make noise, and two are soundless so you can decide if you want a little noise or you can fidget in silence.


What is the Difference Between a Fidget Cube and a Fidget Spinner?

The most noticeable difference between the Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cube are functionality. The Fidget Cube is designed to be held and six different ways to fidget. The Fidget Spinner is designed to spin and twirl, with no additional gadgets. People that have purchased both stated they liked different things about both of the items. They said the Fidget Cube is safe for work and is less disruptive, but there is something zen about getting the Fidget Spinner to twirl around just so. They both cost about the same price and can be bought from a variety of stores or online. They both come in different colors and can have different textures.


Is the Fidget Cube the Evolution of the Fidget Spinner?

Some people claim the Fidget Cube is the next step in the evolution process of the Fidget Spinner. They seem to work in tandem though, with both achieving the same desired effects. The Fidget Spinner is a more simple way to fidget, while the Fidget Cube offers more variety packed into a little cube. A few people claim that the cube has too many options to achieve the level of zen you can achieve with the Fidget Spinner, but it is entirely up to the individual which one they like better. There are benefits to both types of fidget toys, and one shouldn’t be seen as better than the other.


The Benefits of Using a Fidget Cube

Fidget Cubes come with many benefits. We will discuss the main three benefits below. The first and most obvious benefit is it helps improve concentration. If you have something that isn’t disruptive to play or fidget with, it will help you focus on the task at hand, whether it’s a meeting, conference call, or presentation. This cube provides a healthy way to let out excessive energy, and it is meant to be used as a background tool. You don’t focus exclusively on it, just absentmindedly play with it while you are paying attention.

The second benefit is that a Fidget Cube can reduce your stress or anxiety. This cube will give the person who’s using it a feeling of control, and this can alleviate the helpless, out of control feeling individuals with anxiety have.

The final benefit is this Fidget Cube is a less expensive way to help the user cope with any attention issues, anxiety, or ADHD they might have. These cubes start out around $5.00 each and can go up depending on which company is selling it and what type of material it is made out of.

Fidget Cubes are ideal for anyone who needs to keep their hands preoccupied for extended periods of time. The health benefits have been reported as this cube being a positive influence, and they will continue to gain popularity as more and more people talk about the advantages of using a Fidget Cube.